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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Still Learning:)

Okay, so my post is kind of scroll down to read the first part and work your way up. Sorry, I am still learning and it is late-lol

Our day at the Legends. It poured for about 20 minutes so we had a nice chat in the car before we went into Target, lol!


Making cookies with Grammy


The kids loved the rides so they are anticipating the Rooks County Fair here in Stockton in a few weeks! Jace loved the carousel. I think he rode it like five times!

Weekend Get Away!

We had a great four day get away last weekend. It started with the Clay county fair on Thursday night, then to KC to spend the night on Friday for a morning wedding on Saturday. Zach's cousin got married on Saturday and had a brunch afterwards, then we sent the kids home with G & G Kesler while we bummed in KC with Ashley and Chad. Us girls shopped and then we ate at the Japanese Steakhouse (my favorite) called STIX. Then we headed to Hiawatha to stay the night. We go to to see the grandparents and spend some time at the "log cabin" as I called Zach's parent's home. It is so pretty there and a very unique home. Aubrey is staying the whole week with grandma while the three of us headed home for a busy week. A full week of summer school and I am tackling the bathroom my last room to update in this house! I am steaming off the border and painting:) I really don't like to paint, but I have to get it done. I hope you enjoy the pics from the weekend!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ashley's Shower Weekend

Well, Ashley had her first official bridal shower in Clay last weekend. I am in trouble from my sisters because I am just now blogging from the weekend with the new pics we took. Aubrey is now jumping off the side herself and jumping off the board with some help at mom and dad's pool. She has made huge gains since the beginning of the summer so I am excited about that. This week has been busy as I am preparing for school and continuing to teach summer school three mornings a week. Tomorrow we are headed to Clay to take the kids to the fair in Clay and then Friday we head to KC for a wedding on Zach's side on Saturday. We will be leaving Aubrey with Zach's folks next week to spend some quality time before August gets here. Hopefully I will get better at posting here shortly, lol!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Here are some new pics taken of the kids and Jace's one year picture. The other two are at the Rollings Hills Zoo and at his BD party we had last weekend in Clay.

Something New!

Hello! So, I have become addicted to reading blogs of some of my friends so I decided to start myself. Not sure how often I will get to this, but it looks like fun and easy for others to keep up with what is going on. Thanks for viewing my blog!