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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Go CATS!!!!

We cheered on the CATS with their first win today, had to post this of Jace posing even though he has a runny nose!

Ashley's Final Fling!
Last weekend we had Ashley's bachelorette party in KC at the KC Power and Light District. We had a blast, Ashley rode the bull, but I don't have pics of that. Krista did a great job planning it and Ashley went out with a bang like she had hoped. I am pretty sure she was in bed all of Sunday while we had to travel home, lol! Two weeks until the BIG day!

Party Time!

Here are pics of Ashley opening gifts before we went to dinner and to the bars.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to Reality.........

Well, we have been back into school for a week now and we are all feeling it. The kids did well with going back to daycare full time for the most part. This week has gone better than last. Aubrey is already counting down the days to her birthday, lol (it is only 3 1/2 months away, lol) I think everyone is ready for cooler weather. Jace is so happy and cutting more teeth-he loves to be outside right now. Zach is wrapping up his crazy work days with the final holiday of the season this weekend. I , on the other hand wish my body could get used to being on the go all day long. I swear I am in bed by 9 and asleep! Let's just say God is challenging me this school year and I am always thankful for my job and try to remember that what I do does have an impact on society. Or at least I hope to think so. My days challenge and teach me patience as I teach all day to a variety of students with many exceptionalities and then come home to take care of my family.

On another note, Ashley just had her "final fling" as a single woman in KC this past weekend. We had a great time and Krista did an awesome job planning out festivities. I hope to post a few pics of it this weekend. Congrats Ash, and the countdown is on for the BIG day! Can't wait!!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summers End........

Jace absolutely adores his papa's! He loves riding the ranger with my dad and being outside in general like every boy. Aubrey has made huge gains with her swimming this summer. She is going off the board by herself and enjoying the water more than ever! Thank goodness for Grammy's nice warm and private pool!

Zach's birthday cake

Here is Aubrey and Jace doing the dishes:)

Girls Day Out

Here is Aubrey at the Sternberg Museum. She had a girls day out with her aunt Kristin and I. We went to the museum, shopped, ate at Sonic (her choice, lol) and then went to the Aquatic Park.